Activated Carbon » GAC 4 x 8

GAC 4 x 8 is a granular activated carbon made especially for use in a vapor application. Its particle size and pore structure have been specifically designed to provide the best adsorption of impurities from vapor steam with the least flow resistance. 

This product is manufactured to adsorb VOC's,and trace contaminates. GAC 4 x 8 is processed from selected seams of bituminous coal,activated at high temperature with steam.

Typical parameters:

-Iodine value: 1000gm/g
-CCL4 Adsorption: 60% min.
-Apparent density: 0.44-0.55
-Moisture as packed: 3% max.
-Ash: 12%
-PH:  9-11
Hardness (Ball pan): 90 min.