Maple Leaf Trading LLC. was established in 1995 based in Dubai, pumped up by home country – China source, we specialize in the professional solutions between producer and end-user for rising globe market demands with main focus on Activated Carbon, Magnesium, Building Materials and Water Saving Products.

Maple Leaf Trading over the past 23 years, has been successful in the Middle East market with a reputable image.


Our manufacturing base is in Datong Shanxi, known as “Coal City” of China, there’s rich in nature resource of high quality weakly caking coal that produced activated carbon features low ash, low sulfur, it is the unique coal source which can be directly produced into high quality activated carbon without any chemical processing. the geographical condition offers us great advantages from its best quality of bituminous coal in the world and its unbeatable price in the world.


Facing in global Enterprises, backing to rural Producer, we dedicate ourselves to where and when customers want us, to guarantee our team always be there at the spot where and when urgent matter happened to our end-users, we dedicate ourselves into users experiments and study at the workshop, researched and achieved the most effective and efficient specification in the application, so far the innovation is the unique carbon product in the same industry internationally.


By energizing efforts, our activated carbon annual consumption reaches to over 700 tons in the region, one of our 15 years client contributes currently to almost 3% of the worldwide production, who consistently takes our carbon to be their main processing  material. we've owned title of "the Most Reliable Supplier Honor" award by Dubai Municipality, the faucet we supplied to Municipal Service saves water by 60-80% of normal consumption, which has been installed all over public areas and shopping centers in Dubai, we're proud of our record of achievements. It not only defines our success, it marks the satisfaction of those whom we serve to.